8 Week Month One on One Intensive with Kelley

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Sometimes we need a little support to get to the next place.

I get that. I've been there. I've had teachers and mentors invest a lot of time in me. They've helped me gain the tools needed to work through the blocks and get to the breakthrough were I could really experience the fullness of what I'm truly made of.

I've been called to dive into working deeply with just a hand full of clients to shine a light on the blind spots, clear the blocks of limitations, and really help add momentum to the stagnant places keeping you stuck on repeat.

I'm  a catalyst.

I'm your guide post, your reflection, your cheerleader, your advocate, encouraging you to do the work it takes to make lasting change.

This doesn't mean it's all light. We go where the energy takes us and sometimes that means allowing me to walk next to you into the dark unknown. But I know for certain we will be guided out and you will experience the profound shifts needed to get to the next place.

We will work together weekly.

We'll create a custom plan for you that will range from tarot readings, coaching sessions, energy work, and whatever other tools needed. With weekly work together and ongoing email support, this will be your time to be nurtured and supported while you transform.

Is this just what you need?

Then SIGN UP for a consultation to make sure this is the right program for you!

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