Group Energy Work FAQs


How and why does remote group healing work?

Remote group healing works for two main reasons. First, energy doesn't have the same restrictions as physical form. It also doesn't adhere to linear time and space. Therefore, I can clear and move energy for anyone from anywhere, instantly. Whether I work on you in my home or remotely the effect is just the same. The session guides me via muscle testing through the book that helps me identify the energy blocks and/or attachments, where they are located, where they came from and the best method to clear them.

The second reason is because as humans we are more alike than different. The entry is specific, yet general enough to resonate with a large group of people. As we group we clear the aspects that we all share and having done this for many, many weeks it has proven very effective for the people who join.

How can Kelley clear it on behalf of the group?

As the practitioner, I use myself as the surrogate of sorts for the group. At the beginning of each session I surrender myself to the highest and best work on behalf of the group. I then invite all of you into the session as well as your personal guides/angels/ancestors who would like to help on your behalf. I do the muscle testing on myself as opposed to on a single client and am easily guided on behalf of the group to the places of resonance.

How do you get your information?

I use a book that is thicker than a phone book that is full of human experiences and forces. Each page of the book is broken into quadrants and each quadrant is broken into four. So each page has 32 possibilities. When I muscle test, I test on my stomach. I section it into quadrants and then test each quad for the "file" in the book. I write it down and then it tells me the next place to go. When I do my recap I synthesize the information and translate it in a way that makes sense for you. When I use quotes or italics in the summary notes, it's a direct quote from the book.