“Impressively intuitive.”

"Kelley is both impressively intuitive and exceptionally well trained in navigating the sensitive intersection of soul and psyche. She has helped me understand and have greater compassion for myself in the most empowering and effective ways. Her ability to foster an environment of care and safety allows me to go to the deep, dark places where true transformation happens and invite fear and shame out of the shadows and into the light, where they become tools for growth instead of self-censorship or destruction. She is a catalyst for authentic, heart-centered growth and a powerful channel of pure love." 

Leah, Reiki Practitioner, Channel, Psychic Medium

“Quick, powerful healing.”

"There's something about Kelley that puts people at ease immediately while they simultaneously can sense that she's about to tell them Truth. I trust her with my friends and clients and refer her services often to people who are looking for guidance and quick, powerful healing." 

Narinder Kaur Bazen, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Creative Director Two Crows Yoga

"I can't thank [Kelley] enough for such a great and powerful experience today. I have such a better and clear understanding of myself and the situations and aspects surrounding me - a breakthrough if you will. Thank you for opening me up the way you did - you have such a gift. Can't wait for a future reading!"

SJ, client


“She was a wonderful soul to speak to.”

"I had my cards read by Kelley. Not only did I feel safe and comfortable during the session, but I felt empowered and had great clarity afterward. I highly recommend that if you're seeking truth, or just someone to talk to, that you seek out her services! She was a wonderful soul to speak to and offers all sorts of services!"

— Sarah, client

“She is tender, loving, confident and intelligent.”

"Kelley is a powerful, thorough and heart-centered practitioner.  I trust her intentions and that she is delicate and precise with her work which allows me the confidence of opening my subconscious mind in the safe space she creates.  Her work has helped me shift heavy and dense energies and leaves me feeling healthier and lighter.  As a soul she is tender, loving, confident and intelligent." 

— Katy Jo

Since our session (less than two months ago), I have ended a relationship that I felt stuck in, fully invested myself in my life's passion, and have begun hanging out with my mom. Like, one-on-one. That hadn't happened in almost a decade. It is safe to say that I am no longer a skeptic." 

- Jennifer Butler, Animal Communicator & Healer www.jenniferannbutler.com


“Highly accurate.”

"I had the privilege of doing an intuitive kinesiology (energy healing) session with Kelley during a very convoluted time in my life. (I took the liberty of adding the "intuitive" part before "kinesiology", because her sensitive and highly accurate intuition deserves kudos.) She was able to take my 30 minutes of verbal diarrhea and decipher which concentration and approach would most benefit my goal of "no longer being afraid to love or be loved". Kelley holds space in such a way that I immediately felt protected, supported, and truly accepted the moment I walked in the door. And let me be real with you-- I'm a skeptic. I am skeptical of people, places, things, and I was especially skeptical of a form of energy work which would apparently cause major shifts within a one hour session. Notice how I said "was" skeptical.

“A natural healer.”

During the session, she tuned into certain aspects about myself and my past that I had been too shy to bring up. Somehow, though, nothing feels taboo with Kelley. She is a natural healer with the care and comfort of a mother and the articulate verbiage of a physicist/philosopher. She jumped right into the intense work, immediately shifting patterns that I'd had ingrained since birth (or earlier). My relationship with my mother came up as my main issue. Kelley's work not only benefited me, it also benefited my mother and our relationship.