Energy Work Session


PLEASE CLICK HERE to book and IN PERSON (Atlanta only) healing session. I see clients on Wednesday from my home (not in the shop).

Kelley is certified in the ReUnion Process, a modality of energy work that calls in the frequency of Grace to clear stagnant energy, blocks, trauma and lower forces. This highly effective and transformational tool uses muscle testing (kinesiology) to guide the session to find source of what is to be cleared and the proper methods to transmute the blockage that needs the most immediate attention. The facilitation could be a guided visualization, acupressure stimulation, oils or a variety of other techniques.

Most sessions last 75 minutes and clients leave with a sense of clarity and lightness. These sessions can be done in person (Atlanta only) or over the phone with client participation or completely remotely with a follow up call reviewing the session notes.


Remote Group Healing Energy Session

$15.00 or $50 for 5 weeks

This is a group healing uses the ReUnion process to help clear and remove energetic blocks around a new topic each week. This is a passive session, so you don't have to participate and the work will integrate during your sleep cycle.

After the session, you will receive a recap of what was worked on to your inbox. We are all more alike then different, so the group healing hits on core, common experiences and benefits all who are involved.