Weekly Tarot Forecast August 14, 2016

This week you may be called to make some pretty heavy decisions that have been weighing on your mind. Perhaps it's a career switch, a relationship transition or something that is rocking your inner world. It's right of you to take your time with this one - to really weigh the pros and cons in a pragmatic way. It's time to place your emotions in the back seat at this juncture.

The key to the most successful outcome (because no matter how hard the choice, there is success to be had out of this situation) is time alone to recoup and integrate. Especially if you are working through relationship challenges - it's not best to work through those issues with your partner - you need some time solo to collect yourself and gain perspective.

Usually I advise that there isn't much of a right and wrong in life, just choices. However, in this case it does appear that one path for sure will lead to a highly successful outcome - especially if you are conflicted about career.

Once again, I will highlight that the answer really is within you if you give yourself the space to receive from the Universe and you tap into your inner wisdom. Lastly, sometimes not making a choice is a choice so be aware when you are over analyzing as a means to avoid owning your decision. You got this!