Weekly Tarot Forecast 7.24.16

I've been getting the message through different channels that this is the time of a major rise of the feminine. A time where connection to the self, allowing yourself to be guided by your own inner knowing and trusting deeply in yourself is at the highest importance. It's the means used as a global community to transform the hell fire we find ourselves in - into a peaceful, loving and inclusive place to live.

There's no way to make that global shift without the inner shifts of each individual, and this week it is clear with both the Mother of Pentacles and the Empress stepping forward that both men and women individually should connect more deeply to our inner feminine.

What does connecting with the feminine look like? For this week it looks like providing for yourself and others with a sense of stability and being grounded. It looks like allowing yourself to create money and abundance in your life in a way that doesn't feel like you're out of alignment. It means connecting to your sensual side in a way that isn't for male pleasure, but for your own self expression. It means finding a way to be more and more comfortable with being YOU, just as you are without the need to strive, prove or run with the boys. It means seeing the people around you as if we are all sitting in a circle instead of climbing over each other to be on top.

This is a long journey ahead to unlearn and relearn what it's like to embrace ourselves in this way. But the cards suggest we are much closer than we think. We just keep at it with determination and soon enough it will be second nature.

When we embrace these aspects of self on a singular level - we invite this way of being in as the norm for society. When we do our work and we are doing the world's work.