What's new with Modern Mystic?

Welcome to the new Modern Mystic website! I'm excited to share all of the new changes the past month has created.

 Kelley knight, modern mystic

Kelley knight, modern mystic

First of all, I have a new works space! I'm happy to join the crew at Hawkins & Clover in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. They run an amazing hair salon downstairs and I have moved into a private loft upstairs and this space for me is the beginning of everything. Pictures of the space coming soon.

When you book and in person tarot reading or energy work, that is where we will meet. It has a private bathroom and outdoor patio and lots of windows for a light and airy feel. I'm also excited to offer small events in the space and it's also where I'll be teaching Modern Mystic Tarot 101 classes. I'm doing a lot of collaboration with teachers of varied disciplines to offer clients as many helpful resources as possible. Be sure to check out the EVENTS page to see what's coming up.

Guests will also be offering one on one sessions in the new space. There will be an guest astrologer in July for starters. The goal being the more resources the more we can build community and the more community the better Atlanta (or our little corner) will be.

Lastly, there will be a little retail available as well. All of my favorite and most recommended books and tools so you don't have to hunt down the items you need all over the city.

For those clients all over the world, I will continue remote tarot readings and healing sessions and will also transition some of my new tarot classes into online video offerings so you can grow and learn with us all!

I can't begin to express how much of a dream come true I'm living in. I never really intended to start this business. It organically unfolded in a way that I kept me saying, "yes!" until we all landed here. Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing more insight via this blogs weekly.