Weekly Tarot Forecast 6.19.16

Here we find ourselves caught between connection and grief, the duality that we are faced with as a collective after a traumatic event has rocked our nation. We see groups of people banning together, allowing this to be a time of heart-felt connection with like-minded people who we can process how these events have impacted us.

However, we cannot escape the underlying grief attached to those we have lost, and also to the realization of what we are losing as a society where tragic events like this are more and more common. Allow the grief, hurt and pain to come through you as a means of moving forward instead of burying the upset.

This week the bridge between connection and grief sits the Son of Wands. This tells us not to sit an do nothing. The Sons are the part of the court who take action. The Son of Wands specifically can make great change very quickly and is comfortable in the current. He is inspired and in the moment creating a reality of his choosing. That is the advice for us all. Process the pain, but use it at fuel to get moving to create change. Change within yourself, change within your community or global change if that's what inspires you. Let's not be stagnant. Let's ban together, process our grief and keep moving forward to peace.