Weekly Tarot Forecast June 12, 2016


This week you may find yourself at a stalemate or in a position where you cannot see the next right action. Two sides of your mind are at odds, neither willing to let up and neither strong enough to over power the other. However, this week the cards are clear and show us the major battle our mind is undertaking.

It's the Hierophant vs the Chariot and there can only be one winner at this juncture. The highest path isn't going to be the same for each of you reading, so I will explain the gifts and the shadow each present and you can sense which aspect should bow out gracefully.

The Hierophant has many layers but is often known as structure, systems and more standard means of operating. This card also shows up as a teacher, mentor or when traditional training can be of use. However, it can be rigid, old fashioned and a little high and mighty at times.

The counterpoint this week is the Chariot. It has the energy related to the solar plexus. It's your drive, willpower and desire to push yourself to succeed. Although that seems like a great outcome - the Chariot left unattended can we reckless, unruly and destroy what's in its path.

So what is holding you hostage? Is structure, tradition and a more predictable path keeping you from using your will and skill to break out and succeed? Or are you being to wild and pushing something that needs more time, training and a more structured approach? Get a sense for what will really get you moving and try your best to release the other - for not to choose at all is still to make a choice.