Weekly Tarot Forecast August 14, 2016

This week you may be called to make some pretty heavy decisions that have been weighing on your mind. Perhaps it's a career switch, a relationship transition or something that is rocking your inner world. It's right of you to take your time with this one - to really weigh the pros and cons in a pragmatic way. It's time to place your emotions in the back seat at this juncture.

The key to the most successful outcome (because no matter how hard the choice, there is success to be had out of this situation) is time alone to recoup and integrate. Especially if you are working through relationship challenges - it's not best to work through those issues with your partner - you need some time solo to collect yourself and gain perspective.

Usually I advise that there isn't much of a right and wrong in life, just choices. However, in this case it does appear that one path for sure will lead to a highly successful outcome - especially if you are conflicted about career.

Once again, I will highlight that the answer really is within you if you give yourself the space to receive from the Universe and you tap into your inner wisdom. Lastly, sometimes not making a choice is a choice so be aware when you are over analyzing as a means to avoid owning your decision. You got this!

Weekly Tarot Forecast 7.24.16

I've been getting the message through different channels that this is the time of a major rise of the feminine. A time where connection to the self, allowing yourself to be guided by your own inner knowing and trusting deeply in yourself is at the highest importance. It's the means used as a global community to transform the hell fire we find ourselves in - into a peaceful, loving and inclusive place to live.

There's no way to make that global shift without the inner shifts of each individual, and this week it is clear with both the Mother of Pentacles and the Empress stepping forward that both men and women individually should connect more deeply to our inner feminine.

What does connecting with the feminine look like? For this week it looks like providing for yourself and others with a sense of stability and being grounded. It looks like allowing yourself to create money and abundance in your life in a way that doesn't feel like you're out of alignment. It means connecting to your sensual side in a way that isn't for male pleasure, but for your own self expression. It means finding a way to be more and more comfortable with being YOU, just as you are without the need to strive, prove or run with the boys. It means seeing the people around you as if we are all sitting in a circle instead of climbing over each other to be on top.

This is a long journey ahead to unlearn and relearn what it's like to embrace ourselves in this way. But the cards suggest we are much closer than we think. We just keep at it with determination and soon enough it will be second nature.

When we embrace these aspects of self on a singular level - we invite this way of being in as the norm for society. When we do our work and we are doing the world's work.


Weekly Tarot Forecast 7.4.16

Summer fun may be at an all-time high during the 4th of July holiday and although there was lots of time for celebration now is the time for INTEGRATION. The Hermit brings in a quiet and still energy that helps us to really process all of the experiences we've been going through - and there seems to be a sense of disconnect from inner wisdom due to a ton of family time and celebration.

Don't fret! For the second week in a row the advice has been stillness. Allow yourself once again to collect yourself in quiet moments and allow yourself to hear that small, still voice within. It's especially important during times of lots of activity and socialization to make sure you feel solid.


Explore your Emotions this New Moon in Cancer

What is most important in this new moon period is to connect to the frequency of your emotions. The energy of Cancer is highly emotive and very deep in this realm. So it's the ideal time to really dial into what you are feeling and how you are experiencing life.

So often we create a buffer between ourselves and our emotions because we are taught emotions are wrong or unsafe. But if you can get clear to the best of your ability what these emotions are trying to tell you - you will get a great understanding of what actually generates your experience.

Blocked patterns and stuck places in life are always blocked and stuck beliefs and emotions. That's OK. There is nothing wrong with the process of being stuck. The universe is just showing you areas where you can use a little more expansion. However, if you're in need of forward momentum - your emotions are the gateway to change - and moreover the beliefs aligned with those emotions.

Allow yourself to ponder the following questions through your journal, meditation or just keeping these questions in your awareness tonight.

Pick an area of life where you feel resistance or stuckness. This can be work, relationship, health, self esteem - whatever comes to mind is perfect.

Take note of the experience you are having in this area of life. Do you feel tired? Frustrated? Upset? Like a victim? The possibilities go on and on. Trust anything and everything that comes up and keep curious about it. You can stop when you feel complete, but don't allow any of your answers to become concrete. Stay in the questioning.

Now take note of the feelings in your body attached to this experience? Do you feel collapsed? Tight? How is your breathing? Notice where the sensations are located and note all of them you can notice.

Ask yourself: How do I benefit from having this experience? In what way has this negative experience served me? For example, I was coaching a client with a chronic illness and I asked her this very question. It came to her instantly that when she was a kid if she got sick she was allowed to rest. Now as an over worked grown up she benefits from being ill because it's the only way she gives herself permission to rest.

Just for a moment allow yourself to believe this truth: people always choose what is perceived to be more pleasurable and avoid what is perceived to be more painful. Don't question this notion - just accept it for the purpose of this exercise. I will repeat it: you always choose what you perceive is more pleasurable and always avoid what you perceive to be more painful. This is human nature. Therefore, if you're having an unpleasant experience in this specific area of life it's because there's some fear belief that is attached to a more pleasurable experience. You are actually choosing the less painful option based on your perception.

Examine: what beliefs or fears prevent me from creating my preferred experience? For example, say you are in a job that you very much dislike. In your ideal situation you are creative, making the money you desire and are pursuing your purpose - however, there are layers of fears, doubts and beliefs about disappointing your family, or not being worth it, or failure.

Ask yourself if those beliefs are really true? One by one examine each and really sense if they're true. It's likely that none of them actually belong to you (they're voices of society, your parents, the mean kid in the sixth grade). As you identify each belief's origin you tell your psyche it's not true. When you release that belief and separate it from you - release the emotion attached to it and make more space for the reality you really want.

Next take note of the experience you'd rather be having. How would you prefer to feel? Excited? Expansive? Relaxed? At ease? So on and so forth. Allow yourself to connect with your body to get the sensations of this more positive, higher vibrational experience.

On a daily basis connect to the energy and emotion of the experience you'd rather be having. Call it up into your body as a tone - it doesn't have to be a specific picture (although it can be). Believe that is is already happening during this part of the exercise. Because it is!

For more information on this topic, you can listen to this channeled message from Bashar. I highly recommend it!



Weekly Tarot Forecast 6.26.16

This week it's possible that emotions will be running high as you try to make choices that will impact the future. Be awake to the fact that you may have a little bit of a warped perception of reality as you could view things through a more emotional lens. Maybe you're perceiving things as either way better or way worse than it really is.

The key here is to connect to your spiritual center. Be it yoga, meditation, or prayer - bringing yourself back to you and trying to find this solid, internal space will work wonders. If you're unsure about how to connect to your more spiritual side, it would be a great time to reach out to a spiritual teacher or guide for some support and tools to help you more deeply connect.

The great news is that it looks like the choices ahead are both very good. You can't seem to go wrong. So again, take off the shades of emotion, sit your bottom down, get deeply still and sense what path brings the most joy to your highest self.


Weekly Tarot Forecast 6.19.16

Here we find ourselves caught between connection and grief, the duality that we are faced with as a collective after a traumatic event has rocked our nation. We see groups of people banning together, allowing this to be a time of heart-felt connection with like-minded people who we can process how these events have impacted us.

However, we cannot escape the underlying grief attached to those we have lost, and also to the realization of what we are losing as a society where tragic events like this are more and more common. Allow the grief, hurt and pain to come through you as a means of moving forward instead of burying the upset.

This week the bridge between connection and grief sits the Son of Wands. This tells us not to sit an do nothing. The Sons are the part of the court who take action. The Son of Wands specifically can make great change very quickly and is comfortable in the current. He is inspired and in the moment creating a reality of his choosing. That is the advice for us all. Process the pain, but use it at fuel to get moving to create change. Change within yourself, change within your community or global change if that's what inspires you. Let's not be stagnant. Let's ban together, process our grief and keep moving forward to peace.


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Weekly Tarot Forecast June 12, 2016


This week you may find yourself at a stalemate or in a position where you cannot see the next right action. Two sides of your mind are at odds, neither willing to let up and neither strong enough to over power the other. However, this week the cards are clear and show us the major battle our mind is undertaking.

It's the Hierophant vs the Chariot and there can only be one winner at this juncture. The highest path isn't going to be the same for each of you reading, so I will explain the gifts and the shadow each present and you can sense which aspect should bow out gracefully.

The Hierophant has many layers but is often known as structure, systems and more standard means of operating. This card also shows up as a teacher, mentor or when traditional training can be of use. However, it can be rigid, old fashioned and a little high and mighty at times.

The counterpoint this week is the Chariot. It has the energy related to the solar plexus. It's your drive, willpower and desire to push yourself to succeed. Although that seems like a great outcome - the Chariot left unattended can we reckless, unruly and destroy what's in its path.

So what is holding you hostage? Is structure, tradition and a more predictable path keeping you from using your will and skill to break out and succeed? Or are you being to wild and pushing something that needs more time, training and a more structured approach? Get a sense for what will really get you moving and try your best to release the other - for not to choose at all is still to make a choice.