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I would love to share a little about myself so you can get a feel for what I'm about.

I live for transformational work. The healing modality I use, the psychic gifts, the cards, all of it is filtered through the lens of transformation. What healing or shift needs to take place in order to live a life in alignment with the beauty of who I am? These are the kinds of questions I investigate and I will lead the people I'm working with to do the same.

I'm not a new-aged person. I don't resonate deeply with the "love and light" mantra that is very popular these days. I believe in the healing power of Grace. I seek truth. I seek realness. I like to get to the root of the belief, trauma, relationship and unwind things from that place. It's hard to see the light there and that's OK, because there's beauty in the truth that lives in the shadow. There's beauty in depth. In maturity. 

There is something to stand on when you learn that you create your reality. There's real freedom when you face the hardships of your life with honesty, without living in the victim-hood of your story. There is strength in transformation and there is joy being grounded in your own truth, connected to your inner guidance. 

As far as credentials, I'm certified in the ReUnion Process which is an energy healing modality that is very powerful and transformational. I've spent five years doing intensive experiential psyche training, helping to guide students in group courses through transformational breakthroughs. This training was invaluable and gave me the tools to guide people with care through their own awarenesses.

I had an awakening of my own and I started to see and sense things beyond my physical body including angelic beings, guides and those who have passed. The more I do this work, the stronger and clearer those messages become and the more healing and transformation can happen for myself and those around me.

If you're curious, I suggest a 30 minute card reading to get a sense of my methods. If you're ready to jump on board for some healing, a ReUnion session is always highly effective. Feel free to contact with with any questions and I will do the best I can the help!

I hope to connect with you soon!
- Kelley